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High quality security products in Cairns

INVISI-GARD Stainless Steel Security Screens and Doors


INVISI-GARD combines the toughest materials available with unique, patented product architecture to provide maximum protection for you and your family.

  • 10x the strength of the Australian Standard in terms of absorbed energy
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminium perimeter frame for extra strength
  • The patented EGP retention system ensures the mesh can withstand dynamic impacts to the weight of a 40kg swinging back impacting the door five times
  • The 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh is extremely difficult to cut
  • The patented EGP retention system means no unsightly screws or other fixings
  • INVISI-GARD is supported by a ten-year warranty from ALSPEC
  • A national network of more than 350 dealers means there is a dealer in, or near, your town or suburb who will custom make and fit your INVISI-GARD doors and screens
  • The powder coat finish on INVISI-GARD has been specially developed to ensure great looks, clear vision and long life
  • The EGP retention system ensures that there is no contact between the mesh and frame. This eliminates the threat of corrosion that is present when there is contact between two different metals
  • All INVISI-GARD hinged doors are fitted with three point locks, three hinges, and three point locks for added security
  • The EGP retention system actually pulls the mesh tightly into the frame so that your door looks great and eliminates the possibility of sag
  • INVISI-GARD easily exceeds all relevant Australian and industry standards
  • Each INVISI-GARD door and screen is custom built to suit your home
  • A full range of standard colours is available for optimum aesthetic impact

ALU-GARD Safety Screens


Clearshield See-through Security Screens

With its sleek style and supreme strength, Clearshield Security Screens are fast becoming Australia’s number one choice for commercial and residential security. For ultimate protection, we have also developed the Emergency Exit Screen in the event of a fire or household emergency. Using the escape mechanism, you simply release the lock and push the window frame outward.

Features and benefits

  • An alternative to bulky, unsightly grilles
  • A single sheet of stainless steel locked into an aluminium frame
  • Breakthrough in material strength engineering
  • High grade stainless steel with durable powder-coated satin black finish
  • Emergency exit screens are also available with an easy-to-use escape mechanism
  • Perfect for both commercial and residential security
budget home security alu gard safety screens and doors
Our ALU-GARD all-aluminium security screens are an excellent screen for Australian conditions. Featuring a perforated aluminium sheet retained in an extruded aluminium frame, they provide supreme security, strength and clarity of vision while corrosion-resistant properties help to keep it looking great.
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